Storing and Preparing Frozen Vegetables

  • Do not thaw or rinse frozen food before cooking.
  • Never thaw and then refreeze frozen foods.
  • Check the temperature of your refrigerator, freezer and cool room regularly. Freezer temperature should be no warmer than -18°C.
  • Frozen foods keep at -18°C, but for peak quality should be used within the recommended use-by date.
  • Cook frozen vegetables in as little water as possible, to keep maximum vitamin and nutritional value. Or cook in the microwave – there’s no need to add water unless the quantity of vegetables being cooked is very large.
  • Steaming and stir-frying are also excellent cooking methods for frozen vegetables and like microwaving these help retain maximum nutrient values.
Leveraging Outdoor Dining

When re-opening your restaurant after Covid, leveraging your outdoor space can be a great way to drive foot traffic into your venue while allowing your guests to feel safe and comfortable.

Check out our quick and easy guide with tips and tricks to help you get back in the game stronger.