Best Frying Practice Tips

To ensure your McCAIN fries always present and taste as appealing as possible, it’s important to follow ‘best practice’ cooking procedures. Here are some handy hints to pass on to your staff:
  • COOK FROM FROZEN WHERE POSSIBLE – frozen fries will absorb less oil during cooking
  • AVOID ‘DOUBLE DIPPING’ (REHEATING FRIES IN OIL) – this leads to greater oil absorption and adversely affects flavour and texture
  • SHAKE COOKED FRIES OVER THE FRYER and where possible, place on absorbent paper to remove any excess oil and grease
  • DON’T SPRINKLE SALT on fries before serving – many customers prefer unsalted fries
  • COOK TO ORDER and avoid holding for more than five minutes – this allows fries to stack better, so you’ll use less fries per portion
Leveraging Outdoor Dining

When re-opening your restaurant after Covid, leveraging your outdoor space can be a great way to drive foot traffic into your venue while allowing your guests to feel safe and comfortable.

Check out our quick and easy guide with tips and tricks to help you get back in the game stronger.